My Redlight Life


For intimate workers in establishment and/or adult masseuse in message parlour

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My Redlight Life


For intimate workers in establishment and/or adult masseuse in message parlour


My Redlight Life Logbook is designed for intimate workers that work within Bordello/Agency and/or for adult masseuses in adult massage parlours.


Involved within: 1x 'Logbook' organiser. The 'Logbook' diary organiser lasts 3 months,  within has organisational and booking worksheets designed to organise all current and future bookings, and organisational and booking worksheets designed to record all bookings throughout the shift, so you can ensure you get paid correctly at the end of the shift.

Each new month has a 31-day blank monthly calendar so that you can start anytime of the year and you can fill it out with all the days you plan to work or worked for the month.

A weekly record of #of shifts, weekly income and monthly $ total. This is helpful when you see your accountant! However, the main reason for all diary organizers lasting for 3 months is so you can have a break and refresh and reflect upon your progress, review your goals, and make new ones!

The page layout is designed to note accurately the booking details such as room number/out call location, client name, booking duration.

The organisational worksheets have features such as:

Checklist for Bookings - To ensure you have all the essential items you
need for your bookings

Extra Notes About Shift - So you can note anything about the shift or any money deductions such as 'shift fees' so you are aware what will get deducted at the end of the shift

End of Shift Questionnaire - This helpful questionnaire determines if you got paid the right amount and if you are owed any money, and if you are owed any money, you than have written proof of all the bookings you completed, therefore it will help you to claim any money you are owed. If you are owed money from the establishment, refer, and complete an invoice from the ‘Invoice book’ please note- that ‘invoice book’ is sold separately and available to purchase from this site

End of Booking Rating out of 10? - This questionnaire is also helpful to complete at the end of the shift to help you clarify any improvements you need to work on within your bookings to ensure that you can deliver a 10/10 service to your clients

Plus, 4x bonus feature pages:

My Goals - This worksheet will help you to clarify your adult career goals you want to achieve within a 3-month period or note any materialistic items or any other goals you want to achieve

My Money Goal Target - Question and a check box when you achieve it

Client Gift List - A list of all the items you want your regular clients to gift you, so when they ask you what to get you, you will know exactly what item, description/details of item, store/website where to buy, and how much. this is helpful to reference upon when needed

Wellbeing - This is a helpful and essential wellbeing worksheet to reference upon on to help avoid a burnout, you list all the ways you can rejuvenate yourself on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and when you feel like you are starting to burnout and need to do something but unsure what, reference upon this page and also plan in you diary for the future to keep your wellbeing in check

Budget Layout Worksheet - This worksheet is super helpful with money management! This will help you to clarify a budget, and also create your own, so you know exactly where your money is going. This is a perfect tool/asset for all workers who work in a Bordello or in a adult message parlour

  • Size: A5 210x 148mm portrait
  • Weight: 290g

My Redlight Life Logbook diary organiser is the most beneficial asset to help with your success in your adult career.